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  • At Peshtigo Veterinary Clinic we have an extensive in-house laboratory which allows use to quickly evaluate our patient’s needs. We are able to turn routine blood work (CBC/Chemistry/Thyroid function), parasite screening and urinalysis in a matter of minutes. By being able to have answers before the end of an appointment we are better able to care for our patients and reduce the fear of the unknown for their families.

  • Digital radiography allows us to view an instant, adjustable and high quality image of your pet which aids us in accurately diagnosing or ruling out many conditions.  Most general radiographs can be obtained in minutes without the need for sedation.  Occasionally however, more complicated views, views in pets that are especially painful or uncooperative will require something extra to relax them.

  • Digital dental radiography is also performed in our clinic. In the same way it is used in human dentistry, this assists us during dental procedures to give our veterinarians a view of the tooth and bone structure under the gum line, allowing us to better assess the overall health of the mouth. Dental radiography often catches concerns such as fractures or abscesses that we would otherwise miss with a visual examination and assists us in making the best possible recommendations for your pet’s health.

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